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Baltar Cassola Guitar Duo

Baltar Cassola Guitar Duo

@ Portugal


This portuguese guitar duo gave his first audition in 2008, while both students in the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Salamanca (Spain), with music from Bartók, Casteknuovo-Tedesco and Fernando Sor. Since then, lots of repertoire has been added, from the 19th century masterpieces to portuguese contemporary music, and from the renaissance to the baroque as well. They created several unusual projects highly praised from the public, such as “Three Operas in Two Guitars”, “A Musical Banquet”, “Rio de Janeiro 1920 - a tribute to Carmen Miranda”, “Noite de Chôro”, with the brasilian virtuoso percussionist Fernando Chaib, and “Mirrors”. They have also given the premiere to works by Nuno P. de Pinho (n. 1980) and José Peixoto (n. 1960). In the last decade they played more than 50 concerts all over Portugal, but also in France, Italy and Spain, in important festivals such as “Music Assisi Festival” (Assisi, Italy), “Festival Musica Svelata nei Giardini della Filarmonica di Roma”, “XXIV Festival Internacional de Guitarra de Ponferrada” (Spain), “Festivais de Outono” (Aveiro, Portugal), “Ciclo de Música Antiga no Douro” and “Seis Cordas, Seis Momentos” em Santo Tirso. They also recorded part of the award-winning movie soundtrack by the portuguese director and composer Joaquim Pavão, “Before Night Comes - Antigone Speech” (2017).

July 25 | In the Labyrinth of Paredes @ Concert

"In the Labyrinth of Paredes" pays tribute to the Portuguese virtuoso Carlos Paredes (Coimbra, 1925 - Lisboa, 2004), whose contributions to the development of the Portuguese guitar are still unique. In this concert, we propose a journey to the eye of the labyrinth across the different paths of his guitar music, but also music by Pedro Caldeira Cabral, Alcino Frazão and our own. Difficult not to get lost or scared when standing before such a giant. In this labyrinth though, there is no place for fear, because the strength, tenderness, inspiration and sensibility will guide us to find the way out.