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Eduardo Baltar Soares

Eduardo Baltar Soares

@ Portugal


Musician, researcher and professor graduated from the Superior Conservatory of Music of Castilla y León, with a degree in History from the University of Porto, a Master's in Music Education from the University of Minho and a doctoral candidate in Cultural Sciences at the same University. Interested in musical expression as a form of artistic and community intervention, he seeks to cross his work with various forms of art such as literature, painting, dance and theatre. In this way, he collaborated as an interpreter or creator of several artistic projects, workshops and research projects in Australia, Belgium, Spain, Italy, India, France, Portugal, Ukraine, Uruguay, United States of America. With considerable teaching experience in Portugal and Spain, teaches at the Academy of Music in Espinho

Sep. 19 | The construction of musical instruments in Guimarães: a forgotten craft. @ Conference

In 1926, Alfredo Guimarães (1882-1958), writer and responsible for the installation of the Alberto Sampaio museum, still remembers having met people from Guimarães called “violeira”, that is, sons of those who made musical instruments. They were the descendants of artisans of a trade that, in Guimarães, has been documented since the 17th century, but which for various reasons became extinct during the 19th century. In this communication, we will see who these builders were, how they were organized, what instruments they built, and what places they occupied in the cities.