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Mafalda Sousela

Mafalda Sousela

@ Portugal


Graduated in Medicine at the University of Minho, she specialized in General Practice and Family Medicine and dedicates part of her professional life to the field of addictions and substance abuse. Alongside her professional activity, she has a taste for art, having occasionally collaborated as an actress, creator, chronicler and film critic. Interested in human behavior and mental processes, it was in her Master's Degree in Psychiatry and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy that she found a perfect convergence of her passions: the mind and creation.

Sept 12 | Let It Be:The music as a rear window of the mind @ Conference

Every musician must know how to play a certain instrument. It takes years of practice and a lot of study throughout that path. But ever wondered how that path came into your life? And for the composers, is there a great argument for the upcoming elements that comes to your mind? And how does that seem to reach the mind of the audience? Music can really reach hidden parts of the mind you didn’t know existed. It even has the power to change the world. The goal of this presentation is to give a psychodynamic perspective of the power of the music in both the composer and the audience, through an example of the inspiration that came to Paul McCartney that led him to compose what came to be one of the most important musical pieces of The Beatles: Let it Be.